Tuition and fee information for the DNAP class entering May 2021 (Graduating May 2024) 

Application Fee - $50 (Submitted with application) 

Matriculation Fee - $1,000 (Due with acceptance letter | non-refundable)


$ 32,500.00 – 1st Year 
First year’s tuition is due your first day of class. Non-refundable after the first 30 days and then only on a prorated basis. 

$ 32,500.00 – 2nd Year 
Second year’s tuition is due by June 1, 2022 and is non-refundable. 

$ 32,500.00 – 3rd Year 
Third year’s tuition is due by June 1, 2023 and is non-refundable.

AANA Junior Membership Fee 

$200.00 – Due within the first two weeks of school. Non-refundable. 

Medatrax Fee 

$265 – Due approximately in October 2021. Covers the duration of school 

Wellness Course 

$126 – Required for school 

SPSS Software 

$100 – Required for school 


$450 – Required for school (group rates available). 


$450 - Required for school (group rates available). 

Student Fees 

$ 2,100.00 – 1st Year 
Due your first day of class, non-refundable. 

$ 2,100.00 – 2nd Year 
Due by June 1, 2022. Non-refundable. 

$ 2,100.00 – 3rd Year 
Due by June 1, 2023. Non-refundable. 

Certification Exam Fee 

$995.00 – Due at graduation. 

Tuition and fees are only valid for the class starting in May 2021.  

Tuition and fees for the class beginning in 2022 have not been determined. 


Admission requirements, school policies and tuition and fees that are now in effect are subject to change as benefits the student and/or the CAMC School of Nurse Anesthesia. 

Students must purchase all required texts. 

(Revised 04/21) 

Information regarding financial aid can be obtained from: 

CAMC/Marshall DNAP students have different tuition requirements than other Marshall University students. Consequently, the financial aid process differs from that of the usual Marshall student. In order to get the most accurate information, DNAP students must speak to Marshall financial aid officers that work specifically with our program. 

Please direct questions regarding financial aid to Ms. Missy White, Financial Aid Counselor, Sr., of Marshall University’s Office of Student Financial Assistance. 

Missy White 
Financial Aid Counselor Senior  
Marshall Univeristy Title IV Code: 003815