CAMC Institute for Academic Medicine

Length of Externship

Six Weeks

Date of Program

Program: June 5 - July 16, 2023

Stipend Earned

The stipend for a six-week project is $2000. One-half of the stipend amount is received at the beginning of the externship program, and the remaining amount at the conclusion of the externship.


You must be a first-year medical student or a graduate level student in the health sciences. Other student applicants will be considered pending project availability. A resume, official transcript and letter of interest (including education/skills/career goals) are required and must be received before the application is complete. Persons who have completed a previous summer externship will be ineligible. 

Notification of Assignment

Notifications will be mailed by the end of February to successful applicants. Positions are competitive and decisions may be made on a first come first serve basis. Persons who have completed a previous summer externship will be ineligible.

Externship Expectations

This is a CAMC on-campus experience.  You must collaborate as needed with the assigned faculty preceptor and attend scheduled research lectures. A oral summary/Ppt presentation of the work you have completed must be presented during a student research conference at the conclusion of the externship.  Accepted externs are responsible for finding their own housing.

For More Information: 

e-mail: or call (304) 388-9960


To Apply:

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