CAMC Institute for Academic Medicine is committed to the continuing education and training of physicians, residents, medical students, nurses and other health professionals.

A Commitment to Education and Training

The CAMC Institute for Academic Medicine has been committed to the development of progressive learning programs for more than 20 years. As the largest provider of continuing interprofessional education programs in the state, CAMC contributes to the professional development of thousands of learners each year.

CAMC’s professional education team has experience in developing conferences and live events, online training and webinars and simulation and virtual patient learning experiences. The CAMC Institute for Academic Medicine is committed to the success of learners from all disciplines, and became the first provider in West Virginia to obtain joint accreditation for interprofessional continuing education.

Additional Information

Student Rotation Training – Visit the CAMC Institute for Academic Medicine’s Education Portal


Production Facility

3 Camera Studio
2 Edit Bays
On location production
Webcasting and teleconference production
Interactive Multimedia development

Webcasting Services

Quality health care is dependent upon timely and accessible information. Whether it is a continuing education course or an information update for first responders, the ability to easily create, deliver and digest the information is paramount. With our webcasting services you can conveniently assemble and distribute important patient treatment, trauma care, public health, emergency management, or bio-terrorism information to the professionals who need it.

Medical information is complex. With our webcasting services you can quickly deliver effective presentations using X-rays, photographs, monitor output, or maps. In the time it takes to deliver the presentation to a local audience our webcasting services can stream to remote viewers and almost instantly have it available for on-demand viewing.

Patient Education channels, CCTV

Automated playback and on demand programming delivered to all inpatient rooms. Content consists on in-house produced educational videos and purchased programming. Each channel is targeted to specific illnesses.

Distance Education Facilities

2 electronic classrooms configured to act as both origination locations and receive locations and needed. All media types are directly input to the video systems. 4 (2 on the Memorial Campus and 1 each on the other CAMC campuses) electronic meeting rooms with educational origination capabilities. 326 seat Auditorium wired to allow video reception and broadcasting.


The CAMC Health Education & Media Department's employees are multitalented in various areas of media development. Their experience and formal education covers video production, editing (linear and digital), telecommunication technology, broadcasting, journalism, photography, computer graphics, multimedia design and web development. They have produced, directed and written content for various videos, CBT programs, and printed material (books, posters and lectures) etc