CAMC features 23 residency and fellowship training programs with over 190 training positions. We offer the perfect balance between community hospital and academic medical center.

Why should you train at CAMC?

CAMC’s innovative, collaborative environment gives you a place to learn, practice and lead while caring for a diverse patient population. Since 1972, we’ve been committed to a mission of education - training thousands of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other advanced practice professionals.

Our Faculty

Our dedicated faculty has a full-time commitment to training physicians and professionals to practice in a broad range of environments, from the highly technical to the most rural. As a resident, you'll learn from them during office and clinical rotations. You'll also teach. The experienced faculty, diverse setting and the blend of clinical and academic involvement will prepare you for a challenging and successful future.

We recruit and retain physicians who teach and strive for excellence, innovation, and quality. Our faculty members focus on introducing residents to different health care settings in a wide range of locations to ensure a fulfilling educational experience.


With 400 active research protocols, CAMC is a leading academic research and medical institution, playing a critical role in serving the health care needs of West Virginia and the nation.

Compensation and Benefits

CAMC provides competitive salaries and health care benefits along with incentive programs throughout the community.


CAMC is an organization committed to taking care of every person served. Diversity is part of who we are and how we work. 

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Hear from our Residents

Julton Tomangullio Chumbe

The CAMC residency programs are entirely focused on your growth as a resident and future attending. From morning reports, noon lectures, research, mentoring, wellness activities, and more, they aim to help you be not only a good resident, but one of the best! West Virginia is a beautiful state to grow a family; my kids love biking, hiking, the beautiful library and the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences. As we like to say, West Virginia is ‘Almost Heaven.'

Julton Tomanguillo Chumbe, MD - PGL 3   Internal Medicine Resident
Photo of Dr. Arefi

Each of us has a story. This story is woven together with the challenges and triumphs we have each experienced on our journey toward residency. Here at our program, we cherish these individual stories, and we work to bring these stories together to form a unified, collective story of compassion, respect, resilience, and love. We bloom together.

Rojin Arefi, MD - PGL 2   Pediatrics Resident
Photo of Adrian Santini

CAMC is the best of both worlds, and provides endless opportunities both for clinical and academic development. Our department functions like a family, and provides residents and fellows with every opportunity needed to be successful after training. And certainly there isn't an easier place to live than Charleston!

Adrian Santini, MD - PGL 5   Vascular Surgery Resident