Mission Statement:

The CAMC Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship is dedicated to training cardiovascular specialists who possess the knowledge and skills needed to provide compassionate, patient-centered, high-quality cardiovascular care in a clinical learning environment that fosters life-long learning, inclusiveness, strong core values, and respectful interactions with patients and staff. The Fellowship's purpose complements the CAMC mission of "Striving to provide the best health care to every patient, every day" while ensuring our institution can provide sustainable, high-quality tertiary cardiovascular care to our community and the patients of Southern West Virginia.

Program Aims:

  1. The CAMC Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship is structured to provide the Fellow with the contemporary educational and procedural experience needed to provide autonomous, timely, equitable, state-of-the-art, high-quality, and cost-effective cardiovascular care.
  2. The program has a clinical focus. However, all trainees will participate in research and will have the resources and support needed to cultivate an academic career in cardiovascular disease.
  3. Upon completing the program, the Fellow will be well-versed in evidence-based therapy models and appropriate use criteria while also understanding how to think critically when interpreting the quality of research and assimilate new knowledge into their day-to-day patient care decisions.
  4. The program fosters humanistic qualities while also cultivating the core values of compassion, integrity, ethical behavior, and professionalism. The faculty leads by example and provides feedback to learners when their behavior deviates from these program norms.
  5. The Fellowship will prepare fellows to enter an additional advanced fellowship, if desired, and provide an opportunity to inform their decision with added elective subspecialty experience.
  6. The goal of ensuring the sustainability of the regional cardiovascular physician workforce with like-minded, caring cardiovascular specialists will be augmented by establishing strong positive relationships with our fellows and ensuring our program favors our gifted graduates for open positions within the CAMC network.
  7. The Cardiovascular Disease Fellows will acquire the necessary skills to diagnose and manage a wide spectrum of cardiovascular disease in a diverse patient population while also recognizing areas of potential healthcare disparity.
  8. The Fellow will enhance his/her own knowledge and leadership skills through teaching medical students and residents both formally (lectures and case-based learning exercises) and informally (at the bedside).
  9. The program will expose fellows to systems-based models to enhance patient care and research skills and promote practice-based learning in order to instill a passion for life-long learning and patient care improvement.