Library Facilities

DNAP students have access to the West Virginia University Learning Resource Center (LRC). This library is located in the same building as CAMC’s education office and classroom and is located on the campus of Memorial hospital. 
The LRC contains approximately 15,000 bound journals, 460 current journal subscriptions, and 15,000 texts in clinical medicine and related subspecialities. 
The library provides Grateful Med, CINAHL, internet, and copy machines for student use. Intra-library loan services are also available. Students have access to classrooms, conference rooms, lounges and audio-visuals. 
The Learning Resource Center is the library serving student, faculty and staff of the West Virginia University Health Sciences Center, whose Charleston division is located at Charleston Area Medical Center.

Education Office

The CAMC Education Office is located in room 2041 of the Charleston Division of the West Virginia University Building, also known as the Robert C. Byrd Building. 

Clinical Services 

CAMC provides clinical rotation opportunities for several medical residency programs. These programs do not include an anesthesia residency. The entire wealth and range of learning opportunities of anesthetics performed at CAMC are available exclusively for DNAP students. Students rotate to all four hospitals, two outpatient facilities, and an endoscopy center. Students receive all clinical experience at CAMC. They do not have to travel to other cities or other hospitals to achieve their clinical experience. 

Charleston Area Medical Center is a nonprofit, 908-bed, regional referral and academic medical center with more than 6,000 employees. CAMC is made up of four hospitals: CAMC General Hospital, CAMC Memorial Hospital, CAMC Teays Valley Hospital and CAMC Women and Children's Hospital. CAMC is home to one of the largest heart programs in the United States; the only kidney transplant center in West Virginia; the highest level trauma center; and the only freestanding children's hospital in the state. 

Average case numbers for the graduates of 2019: 

  • Total cases 805 
  • ASA III and IV 490 
  • Class V 4 
  • Pediatric 78 
  • Emergencies 63 
  • Intracranial 9 
  • Intrathoracic 43 
  • Heart 28 
  • Obstetrical 60 
  • Invasive line insertions 26 
  • Regional administration 89 
  • Alternative airway management 50 


Charleston Area Medical Center is a tertiary care and referral center composed of four hospitals. CAMC anesthesia professionals provide care during more than 70,000 procedures yearly. 

The General hospital campus houses the Level I trauma center, orthopedic and neurology units, and is active in renal transplantation. An outpatient surgery center, separate from the main operating room, is located at this hospital. General is approximately 1 mile from the Education Office. 

The Memorial hospital campus houses the cardiovascular unit, which ranks among the top heart surgery centers in U.S. The Surgicare outpatient center, and an endoscopy center are located here. Memorial hospital is connected to the Robert C. Byrd Building, which houses the CAMC Education office and classroom. 

Women and Children's hospital specializes in obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics. It is home to the region's largest and busiest Level III neonatal intensive care unit and pediatric intensive care unit. It is approximately 2 miles from the Education Office. 

Teays Valley hospital is a 70-bed community hospital serving the residents of Putnam County and surrounding areas with emergency services and other specialized care. Teays Valley is located on Hurricane, WV, about 25 miles from the CAMC Education Office and classroom.