2024 Research Day

Congratulations to our winners and participants for our 2024 Annual Research Day! Thank you to Mary K. Emmett, PhD, FACHE, Elaine Davis Mattox, EdD, and the research team for all their hard work in putting this event together. 

We recognize Ali AbuRahma, MD, for receiving the 2024 Researcher and Educator of Distinction Award! He is also the only person to have ever been the recipient of all three of our Research Day Special awards: the Vincent Von Kern Award for his contribution to resident education, the William J Maier Jr Health Sciences Education Award and the Steven J. Jubelirer Research Award. Congratulations Dr. AbuRahma!


Oral Original Research winners:

1st Place: Social Determinants of Health and Their Impact on the Timely Receipt of Appropriate Operative Treatment of Colon Cancer

  • Presenter: Edward Tobin, MD
  • Preceptor: Bryan Richmond, MD

2nd Place: Risk factors for positive margin in breast conservative surgery for localized breast cancer

  • Presenter: James Ferrick, DO
  • Preceptor: Amir Kamran, MD

3rd Place: Early and Intermediate Clinical Outcome of Trans carotid Artery Revascularization vs Carotid Endarterectomy from a Large Single Center Experience

  • Presenter: Robert Cragon, MD
  • Preceptor: Ali AbuRahma, MD


Oral Case Reports winners: 

1st Place: Rare Form of Transmission of Y Enterocolitica from Household Pets to Humans 

  • Presenter: Pratima Ramkissoon, DO
  • Preceptor: Madonna Gribble, DO

2nd Place: Establishing the Cause of Clitoromegaly in a Newborn with Concurrent Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and Turner Syndrome: A Case Report

  • Presenter: Abigail Tisler (Medical Student WVU)
  • Preceptor: Elizabeth Copenhaver, MD

3rd Place: Beyond the Surface: Unmasking Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Through Skin Metastasis 

  • Presenter: Parisa Aijaz, MD
  • Preceptor: Preston Seaberg, MD


Poster Original Research winners:

1st Place: Impact of Tirzepatide, a GLP1/GIP Receptor Agonist, on the Relative Risk of Developing Diabetic Neuropathy in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Large-scale Observational Study 

  • Presenter: Balqees Ara, MD
  • Preceptor: James Russell, MD

2nd Place: Evaluation of Treatment Incidence of PCR Positive/Toxin Negative Clostridioides difficile Infections

  • Presenter: Gianna Antinone, PharmD
  • Preceptor: Meredith Todd, PharmD

3rd Place: Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Prevention of Central Nervous System Infections for Patients with Pneumocephalus 

  • Presenter: Morgan Quinn, PharmD
  • Preceptor: Wesley Kafka, PharmD


Poster Case Reports winners:

1st Place: Dasatinib-Induced Resistant Bilateral Chylothorax 

  • Presenter: Lyudmila Burkart, DO
  • Preceptor: Lo'ay Al-Asadi, MD

2nd Place: Case report of successful percutaneous nephrolithotomy in patient with ipsilateral dual kidney transplant 

  • Presenter: Thomas Cato, DO
  • Preceptor: Ryan Fitzwater, DO

3rd Place: Acute Hypoglycemic Strike in Pediatric Patient with Glutaric Acidemia, Type 1

  • Presenter: Rachel Martin, MD
  • Preceptor: Adam Crawford, DO