Our QIPS meeting was held at the CAMC Center for Learning and Research on May 6, 2024. Thank you to our presenters and to those who helped with the research. 

Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry: Maram Ahmed, MD
Cardiovascular Disease: Jia Hong Chen, DO
Emergency Medicine: Amer Akkad, DO
Family Medicine: Mousa Dajjani, MD, and Shey Spencer, DO
Gastroenterology: Alaa Habash, MD
General Surgery: Tyler Celuck, MD, and Sebastian Lopez, DO
Internal Medicine: Shady Ezaldin, MD
Internal Medicine/Psychiatry: Ian Thistlethwaite, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology: Landon Foulger, DO
Pediatrics: Akash Daswaney, MD
Pharmacy: Mat Johnson, PharmD, BCCCP, and Kelci Hall, PharmD
Pulmonary and Critical Care: Benjamin Bale, DO, and Lucas Hamrick, DO
Urology: Thomas Cato, DO
Vascular Surgery: Adrian Santini, MD