There is plenty to do in West Virginia. The state is home to many beautiful state parks, a national park, a beautiful capital and many events. Here is a list of places that residents, fellows, faculty and staff at CAMC likes about living here in Charleston, West Virginia. 

Must See Locations

Charleston and West Virginia has many locations that are a must see. Whether it is historical, parks/outdoor attractions or specific cities, West Virginia has places that can't be overlooked. These places are right here in Charleston or are only a short drive away. 

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West Virginia has annual and season events held throughout the year that are worth attending. From the iconic Bridge Day to a community favorite, Live on the Levee, West Virginia has a lot to offer. 

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From local favorites to well known chains, there are plenty of restaurants and fast food places to chose from. Right in the downtown of Charleston is a vegan restaurant called The Loopy Leaf that is loved by many. Whatever you are craving, Charleston has options for everyone. 

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Grocery Stores

There are a few different options when it comes to grocery shopping. Charleston has options of retailers with grocery sections and markets with fresh food. 

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Bakeries/Coffee/Ice Cream/Donuts

Charleston has plenty of options for anyone with a sweet tooth. A person can stop at Ellen's Homemade Ice Cream, Rock City Cake Company, and Taylor's Book Cafe while enjoying their day downtown. 

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There plenty of shopping in Charleston. Both local and nationwide companies. 

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Art and Entertainment 

There are places in and around Charleston to visit. There is live entertainment by local and national groups. 

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Outdoor Recreation/Parks

West Virginia is home to many beautiful parks and outdoor recreation. 

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Family Friendly Activities 

Charleston has great places for families, especially those with children. 

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There are plenty of options when it comes to fitness in Charleston. 

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Places of Worship

Check out the list of places near Charleston to worship. 

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Charleston has much to offer in terms of culture, including music, entertainment, and downtown life. Downtown has live music, restaurants, and bars. There are also multiple movie theaters, concert venues and a newly renovated public library.