Since 1972, CAMC has been committed to a mission of education, training thousands of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other advanced practice professionals.

Facts and figures about the CAMC Institute for Academic Medicine: 

  • About 800 learners in CAMC’s facilities on any given day
  • 182 residents, interns and fellows
  • 85 West Virginia University School of Medicine medical students
  • 40 West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine students
  • 83 students enrolled in the CAMC School of Anesthesia (affiliated with Marshall University)
  • In the academic year ending in 2019, CAMC served as a clinical training site for 1,608 learners through 148 educational affiliations with West Virginia and regional colleges and universities
  • 27% of graduates establish practice/continue training in WV
  • Nearly 23% of CAMC’s medical staff received training here
  • In 2019, 2,396 continuing education programs were offered with 55,509 hours of CE credit issued