Muhammad Iqbal MD

Muhammad Iqbal, MD - PGL 6

Hometown: Peshawar, Pakistan 
Medical School: Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
Interests: Riding my motorcycle and enjoying music. 
Future Goals: Working in a community hospital setting practicing critical care. 
Strengths of CAMC: Diverse patient population, good environment for learning. 


Syed Mahmood MD

Syed Mahmood, MD - PGL 6

Chief Fellow - Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Hometown: Panama City, Florida 
Medical School: St. Matthew's University
Interests: Spending time with my wife and two daughters, tennis, golf and the Florida Gators
Future Goals: Practicing PCCM in Northern Virginia
Life in Charleston: Small town vibe in the heart of Appalachia with an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor activities.
Strengths of CAMC: CAMC has state-of-the-art ICU's where students, residents and fellows are taught the most up-to-date, evidenced-based therapies in critical care. The combination of serving as a tertiary care center with the ability to perform advanced bronchoscopic procedures makes it an ideal place to train as a fellow in Pulmonary & Critical Care. 

Mark Radow MD

Mark Radow, MD - PGL 6

Hometown: Charleston, WV 
Medical School: WVU School of Medicine
Interests: Outdoor activities, WVU sports and spending time with my family.
Future Goals: Practice Pulmonary/Critical Care medicine in an academic setting.
Life in Charleston: Small city with a good sense of community and numerous outdoor activities. Great place to raise a family.
Strengths of CAMC: Tertiary medical center that serves a diverse population of complex patients. Great faculty that enjoy teaching and are highly motivated in training the future of medicine.

Benjamin Bale photo

Benjamin Bale, DO - PGL 5

Hometown: Knoxville, TN 
Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University - DCOM
Interests: Music (guitar, singing), tennis, Tennessee sports (pro and college), the outdoors and travel.
Future Goals: Pulmonology and critical care practice with teaching involvement.
Life in Charleston: Moves a little slower. Excellent people who will stop and actually take the time to talk to you.
Strengths of CAMC: Large multi-hospital system with renewed investment into academic education with variety of pathology.

Lyudmila Burkart photo

Lyudmila Burkart, DO - PGL 5

Hometown: Spokane, WA
Medical School: Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences SOM
Interests: Spending time with my amazing husband and two boisterous boys. Exploring the outdoors, music and art.
Future Goals: Community/Academic Critical Care/Pulmonology/Sleep practice
Life in Charleston: Nature and outdoors - great people.
Strengths of CAMC: Excellent faculty and diverse pathology.

Dany Tager photo

Dany Tager, MD - PGL 5

Hometown: Damascus, Syria 
Medical School: Damascus University School of Medicine
Interests: Music, soccer and tennis
Future Goals: Practice medicine
Life in Charleston: Charleston is a beautiful city. The people are very nice and the outdoor is stunning. It's a small city but there's a lot to do, and you don't have the traffic.
Strengths of CAMC: The people! Everybody here is nice and wants to help. You will feel that everyone is like a big family. The pathology is great.

Photo of Lucas Hamrick

Lucas Hamrick, DO - PGL 4

Hometown: Maysel, WV 
Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests: All manner of outdoor activities. I enjoy kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing. I love to exercise, and enjoy the occasional Lord of the Rings marathon, extended versions of course
Future Goals: Practicing Pulmonary and Critical Care ideally in an Academic setting that will allow me to continue Global Health work.
Life in Charleston: I went to college here, I love the city, so I was definitely excited to come back. Charleston is a city but also has some small town vibes. People are incredibly friendly and there's so much in and just outside of the town to do!
Strengths of CAMC: CAMC is a tertiary care center with a multitude of pathologies and specialties. It has an environment of collaboration and the faculty are very invested in teaching and scholarly activities.

Photo of Divya Kalluru

Divya Kalluru, MD - PGL 4

Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Medical School: Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences
Interests: I love outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, camping. I also enjoy gardening, painting and just binge watching Netflix.
Future Goals: Practice pulmonary and critical care in an academic setting.
Life in Charleston: Charleston is a great city with less than 3-4 hours driving distance to major cities if you wish to enjoy party vibes. It also offers scenic waterfalls, numerous hiking and camping spots within one hour. Just a great blend of nature and city.
Strengths of CAMC: Exposure to diverse patient population with different pathologies unique to West Virginia especially occupational lung disease, infective endocarditis. Extremely dedicated faculty towards fellow and resident teaching.

Photo of Natalie Kandinata

Natalie Kandinata, DO - PGL 4

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Medical School: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests: My pup, traveling the globe, crossing off bucket list adventure things, expanding my palate, CrossFit, tennis, dabbling with the piano...pretty much down for almost anything, really!
Future Goals: I would love to practice a good mix of pulmonary and critical care medicine. Ideally I'd still like to have time to do a lot of traveling and/or go on mission trips once I'm finished with fellowship, so we'll see what kind of opportunities come my way in the next three years.
Life in Charleston: I have literally met some of the nicest people here. There's a certain hometown charm you feel once you're in Charleston.
Strengths of CAMC: Great pathology (especially for lungs) + excellent teaching faculty + friendly, considerate culture in the program...personally I think all of those things make a great combo.