CAMC’s Standardized Patient program allows people from the community to help support the training of future medical professionals.

About Our Program

A standardized patient is someone who has been trained to portray, in a consistent, standardized manner, a patient in a complex medical scenario. The standardized patient role-plays a clinical situation to help students learn or evaluate clinical skills.

Standardized patients are people from the community who have indicated an interest in helping to shape future medical professionals.

A standardized patient must be able to:

  • Have the ability to realistically role play a variety of patient "cases"
  • Observe the medical student's behavior
  • Have the motivation to help learners develop interviewing techniques and interpersonal skills
  • Provide feedback to the student

Our SPs are a supportive group who enjoy what they do because they know it’s important to both medical professionals and patients. If you have an interest in becoming a Standardized Patient, please email our SP Program coordinator, Kelli Strom