The CAMC Center for Innovation and Simulation Learning offers physicians, residents, medical students, nurses and other health professionals the opportunity for virtual patient experiences. This allows for the practice of treatments and procedures in a realistic scenario, before treating patients. 

HiFidelity Manikins 

The Center features simulators from the Laerdal Corporation, Gaumard Scientific and the Center for Research in Medical Education.

The easy to use advanced patient simulator by the Laerdal Corporation. The 3G’s are controlled with the LLEAP software and each have a variety of different features, including heart and breath sounds, automatic secretions, quality CPR feedback, seizures and even blinking.

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This reliable simulator is also controlled with the LLEAP software, is created by the Laerdal Corporation and offers comprehensive clinical functionality to teach the core skills of airway, breathing, cardiac and circulation management.

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SimJunior is an interactive pediatric simulator, designed by Laerdal with the American Academy of Pediatrics to meet the education and training needs of healthcare providers.

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Our advanced infant patient simulator by Laerdal is for team training- for routine care to critical emergencies. 

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This pediatric simulator by Guamard is fully responsive, wireless and has a long list of extra features. He is controlled with his own software on a computer or tablet.

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This interactive simulator has been designed by Laerdal and the American Academy of Pediatrics. This manikin is helpful for NRP instruction and has realistic traits and lifelike clinical feedback.

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Our state of the art birthing simulator is also controlled with the LLEAP software. She is extremely useful in obstetric training of birth management. She can give birth manually or on automatic mode and simulate a variety of different complications.

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The Cardiopulmonary Simulator. This manikin can simulate up to 30 different cardiac diseases. He is complete with heart sounds, breath sounds and pulses. Harvey is often seen in a cardiologist’s classroom.

Another realistic pediatric manikin. While normally used as a static simulator, he has a wide range of abilities. Features include drug administration, IO infusion and a realistic airway.

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Task Trainers

Task trainers are designed to help learners develop specific skill tasks. Many of the task trainers used at the Center for Innovation and Simulation Learning are listed and linked below

Lumbar Puncture Trainer – The Lumber vertebrae, iliac crest, spinous process, ligamentum flavum, the epidural space and dura; gluteal fold and a fluid filled compartment for simulated cerebrospinal fluid.  Skills learned: Practice Lumbar Puncture, Practice spinal and epidural injections

TraumaMan© System - The most widely used surgical simulator in the world. Often used in ATLS, military, EMS, other trauma surgery and emergency life support simulations. Skills Learned: Chest Tube Insertion, Cricothyroidotomy, Needle Decompression, Tracheostomy, Pericardiocentesis, Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage. TraumaChild is also available.

CentraLineMan Trainer – Our central venous catheterization training solution. This flexible system offers rigorous training to reduce patient complications from CVC insertion. Skills Learned: Full Guided CVC using Ultrasound or Blind

Laerdal© Airway Management Trainer - The skills trainer for adult airway management, education and training. Skills Learned: Oral/Nasal Intubation, LMA/Combitube©, Bag-Valve-Mask ventilation

Sonosim Ultrasound Trainer - The most comprehensive and easy to use ultrasound training solution available. Skills Learned: Ultrasound guided Procedures, venous access, subclavian vein cannulation, femoral line placement and many more

Surgical Science’s LapSim System – VR Training System for Laparoscopy. Skills Learned: Laparoscopic Surgery

Intraosseous Infusion Simulator - Designed to demonstrate and simulate the intraosseous infusion procedure. Skills Learned: IO Placement & Procedure

Arrow© EZ-IO© Drill – Tool used to provide fast vascular access to deliver essential medications and fluids. Skills Learned:  IO Placement & Procedure

Wrist Joint Injection  – Used for practicing soft tissue joint injection for treatment of injuries and arthritis in wrist. Skills Learned: Identifying anatomical landmarks and injection sites.

AirSim – A difficult airway trainer. Skills Learned: Intubation on difficult airways 

Prompt Birthing Trainer – Measure force applied to baby during delivery. Skills Learned: Various delivery methods

Paracentesis Ultrasound Trainer – Development of the psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound guided paracentesis procedures. Skills Learned: Ultrasound Skills, Paracentesis Procedure

Prostate Exam Trainer - Learn techniques of prostate examination with no harm or embarrassment to real patients. Skills Learned: Exam procedure, Recognize benign and cancerous glands.

Elbow Joint Injection - Used for practicing soft tissue joint injection for treatment of injuries and arthritis in elbow. Skills Learned: Identifying anatomical landmarks and injection sites.

Shoulder Joint Injection - Used for practicing soft tissue joint injection for treatment of injuries and arthritis in shoulder. Skills Learned: Identifying anatomical landmarks and injection sites.

Aspiration Knee - Adult knee model for injection and aspiration of synovial fluid from the knee joint.

Midscapular Thoracentesis Trainer - specifically designed for ultrasound guided thoracentesis procedures

Vascular Access Child - Pediatric simulator designed to be an effective ultrasound-guided solution for central line placement.

Female Cath Sim - Allow demonstration and practice in urinary catheterization on a female patient without embarrassment or discomfort.

Male Cath Sim - Allow demonstration and practice in urinary catheterization on a male patient without embarrassment or discomfort.

“Surgical Sally” Bandaging Sim - Ideal for teaching wound management skills, dressing changes, and bandaging techniques.

Infant Airway Trainer – Trainer for teaching and practicing basic and advanced airway management skills in infant patients. Skills Learned: Infant Airway Management

Peter PICC Line - Upper torso model with right arm designed for practicing insertion, care, and removal of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Lines.

Ostomy Care Simulator - Designed to help introduce the essentials of ostomy care to patients and students. Skills Learned: Colostomy, Ileostomy and dilation of stomas.

Nasco GERi – Full sized low-fidelity manikin that simulates over 35 nursing and medical procedures. Skills learned: Patient Care

Sigmoidoscopic Simulator - This simulator is available on a solid oak stand complete with lubricant, guide, and carrying case. Skills Learned: Diagnose 12 pathological conditions.

Spinal Injection Simulator - Allows realistic demonstration and practice of all spinal injections. Skills Learned: spinal anesthesia, spinal tap, epidural analgesia, caudal analgesia, sacral nerve block, and lumbar sympathetic block.

FLS Supply Box - Develop of psychomotor skills and dexterity required during the performance of basic laparoscopic surgery. Skills Learned: Fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery

Infant Tracheostomy Care Simulator - Used to teach parents and caregivers basic tracheostomy care skills. Skills Learned: tracheostomy care

Ear Exam Trainer - simulator makes it possible to practice examination of the human ear. Skills Learned: Recognize normal and abnormal human ear.

Baby Umbi - was designed for the practice of umbilical catheterization and is a reproduction of a female newborn infant. Skills Learned: Infant catheterization.

BSS Trainer Kit - Basic surgical skills kit facilitating the practice of a range of tissue handling techniques. Skills Learned: Knot tying, suturing techniques, Tissue Handling, LA techniques

Kyoto Kagaku Arterial Puncture Wrist – Practice radial artery puncture, a common approach for blood collection and artery catheterization. Skills Learned: Artery Puncture, Hands on feel.