The weekly vascular conference series is the cornerstone of the formal education aspects of the program. The conference is composed of the topics outlined in the APDVS approved training curriculum. The majority of these topics are presented by the vascular faculty; fellows and residents will be required to present topics as well.

Journal Club occurs monthly and consists of journal articles selected by the faculty. Each month, two trainees will be assigned an article and will each present the purpose and methods of the study. A review of the results will follow, along with a discussion on the study, critique of its methods, and results.

Patient Safety Conference

This meeting is held bi-monthly following the didactic conference. Trainees are assigned to present case synopses for which they were involved in patient care; they investigate and evaluate the care they have given to the patients, appraise and assimilate scientific evidence and use current literature to identify areas of improvement. Cases are presented to surgical residents, fellows, and attending staff.