Resident Compensation and Benefits at a Glance for 2022 

Charleston Area Medical Center strives to be the best place to learn and the best place to work. We offer competitive salaries in addition to excellent benefits. 

View information about resident salaries and benefits at CAMC in each category below.

Medical/Surgical Residents 

PG-1 $53,191.00 

PG-2 $55,647.00 

PG-3 $57,516.00 

PG-4 $59,558.00 

PG-5 $61,660.00 

PG-6 $63,661.00 

PG-7 $65,494.00 

Pharmacy Residents 

PG-1 $45,992.59 

PG-2 $47,943.95

Psychology Interns 


Resident Performance Based Compensation – Potential Earnings

Dependent upon semi-annual reviews of resident performance. 

Medical/Surgical Residents: $3,000 Potential additional annual compensation 

Pharmacy Residents: $2,400 Potential additional annual compensation 

Psychology Interns: $1,800 Potential additional annual compensation 

One time trip per resident; separate funds available for research related travel upon approval. 

One Year Programs: $500 

Medical/Surgical Programs (PGY2 & above): $3,000

All PG Levels: According to Call Schedule

Vacation leave

All PG Levels: 3 weeks (see leave policy in House Staff Handbook for full details) 

Sick leave  

All PG Levels: 12 days 


All PG Levels: 24 hours' time off for a family member; 8 hours for a relative. The full list of family and relative relationships is provided in the House Staff Handbook. 

Education days  

All PG Levels: 7 days, maximum 

Professional leave for interviews  

All PG Levels: 3 days over the residency 

Maternity leave 

Maternity leave will be for a maximum of 6 weeks (non-FMLA eligible) or 12 weeks (FMLA eligible)  
Use Sick/Vacation/Short Term Disability if eligible or time off without pay. 

Paternity leave  

Would fall under the FMLA guidelines (if eligible) and utilize vacation or time off without pay. 

**Insurance and Retirement plans are reviewed annually in October and any changes implemented for January. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield 

PPO (includes pharmacy plan) 

Employee pays premium ($75.00 - $266.00) per pay for non-tobacco users (depending on individual plan option) plus co-pays; tobacco users pay an additional $40.00 per pay premium. 

HDHP (high-deductible health plan) 

Employee pays premium ($35.00-$129.50) per pay for non-tobacco users depending on plan option. 

You must pay “first dollar” on any expenses incurred until you meet your deductible. Once the deductible is met, the plan begins to cost share with you on expenses. 

Note: If spouses are offered a health plan through their employer, then spouses are only eligible to enroll on CAMC’s plan for secondary coverage. 

Delta Dental 

Employee pays premium ($9.75 single; $19.25 employee plus children; $18.75 employees plus spouse; $27.75 family) 

EyeMed Ranges from $1.40 per pay for employee to $4.75 for family.

Tax deferred deductions from paychecks to pay for expenses not covered by a Health Care plan. 

Debit card system utilized for claims. 

Flexible Spending Account (only available during open enrollment) 
Max. Contribution allowed = $2,750 

Health Saving Account (HDHP Only) 
Employee Only - Max. Contribution = $3,650 

Employee + Spouse, Children, or Family coverage – Max. Contribution = $7,300 

Tax deferred deductions from paychecks to pay for Child Care expenses. Max. $5,000


Income protection at choice of 60% or 75% of basic pay is available. 

(If a resident elects coverage on day one, there is no waiting period. Certain exclusions, along with a six-month preexisting condition, may apply. All employees must use 5 days of leave before eligible to use short-term disability. 75% coverage requires evidence of insurability form and approval by Unum.


Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits will be provided to all benefit eligible employees at no cost to the employee. LTD insurance replaces 60% of your income if you become partially or totally disabled for an extended time. Certain exclusions, along with a 12-month preexisting condition limitation, may apply.

Basic employee term life  

Unum - 1X annual salary (up to $50,000) paid 100% by CAMC 

Optional term life  

Unum - Opportunity to purchase additional life insurance. 

Spouse term life insurance  

Unum - Opportunity to purchase life insurance on spouse. 

Child term life insurance  

Unum - Opportunity to purchase life insurance for children. 

Accidental death and dismemberment  

Unum - Opportunity to purchase. 

Hospital indemnity insurance

Unum - Opportunity to purchase.

Critical illness insurance  

Unum - Opportunity to purchase. 

Accident insurance

Unum - Opportunity to purchase.

Fidelity Investments

Automatically enrolled. CAMC will make an employer matching contribution on your behalf if you have completed one year of service, worked at least 1,000 hours in an eligible status and you made salary deferral contributions for the year. The matching contribution by CAMC will be based on your deferral election.

Employee pharmacy  

Payroll deduction and campus delivery service to some locations. 

Credit union  

One block east of Memorial Hospital 
Direct checking/savings accounts, payroll deduct loans, Visa credit and debit cards. 


Free on-site parking for all residents. 

On-site cafeteria

Discounts offered for all employees in all three hospital locations. 

Gift shop/café

Payroll deduction available on purchases in all CAMC hospitals.


Escort and auto problem assistance available in all CAMC hospitals.

Pastoral care

Pastoral care assistance available to employees in all CAMC hospitals. 

Pride card

Offers discounts at stores and for services in the Kanawha Valley. 


CAMC offers affordable housing options near the Memorial and General hospital campuses. 

Call rooms

Call rooms available in all three Charleston hospitals. 

Employee assistance programs

Health Advocate (Employee Assistance Program offered by Unum) | 1-800-854-1446

Wellness program

Programs offered vary throughout the year. Participation is optional.