Visiting rotations are currently limited due to COVID-19. Please contact the CAMC Office of Graduate Medical Education for more information.

Charleston Area Medical Center accepts visiting residents for rotations of limited duration and appreciates the diversity that visiting residents can bring to our programs.  CAMC wants to make sure that residents from other institutions have the opportunity to visit our facilities and experience what our institution has to offer.  Visiting resident rotations are subject to the approval of the respective program/program director and designated institutional official.  

Applying For a Visiting Rotation 

Residents interested in a visiting rotation with Charleston Area Medical Center will need to submit the “Request for CAMC rotation” form and all of the required supporting documentation as required to Elisha Green in the Graduate Medical Education office at 3110 MacCorkle Avenue SE, Charleston, WV 25304, at least ninety (90) days before the anticipated start date of that rotation.    

Visiting Resident Application

Once the application and all supporting documentation have been submitted to the Office of Graduate Medical Education, a rotation agreement between CAMC and the sending institution will be drafted for approval.  These agreements can sometimes take months to secure; therefore, it is extremely important that requests for rotations are submitted at least ninety (90) days before the start of the rotation.  


It is the visiting resident’s responsibility to secure housing during their rotation.  CAMC does have some guest housing available; however, housing is limited and is available on a first come, first served basis.  Visiting residents interested in guest housing can consult the GME office about availability during their rotation with CAMC.  Visiting residents are also responsible for obtaining the appropriate West Virginia medical license, if applicable. 

Process for Visiting CAMC 

Once all paperwork has been received and the rotation agreement has been signed, the visiting resident will receive instructions regarding their visit to CAMC.  All visiting residents must report to the GME office on their first day for completion of required in-services, computer based training modules, parking sticker, security badge and other necessary documentation.  All visiting residents must also report to the GME office on the last day of their rotation to return ID badges and any other CAMC property.