In recent years, the ACGME’s Physician Well-Being initiative has expanded its commitment to the well-being of physicians.  In 2017, the ACGME revised the Common Program Requirements for all programs, regardless of specialty, to address well-being more directly and comprehensively. The requirements emphasize that psychological, emotional and physical well-being are critical in the development of a competent, caring and resilient physician.   

CAMC has worked to develop a program that defines five areas as key determinants in a person’s overall state of well-being.   

  • Emotional Well-Being: understanding and managing emotions and related behaviors, coping effectively with stress and burnout; adapting to change and building resilience. 
  • Social Well-Being: sense of belonging, social inclusion and community; feeling connected in society and nature by acknowledging and emphasizing interdependence and relationships. 
  • Professional Well-Being: occupational satisfaction and enrichment by contributing unique gifts, skills and talents to tasks that are personally meaningful and rewarding;  improving and sustaining work processes that contribute to producing “joy in work.” 
  • Physical Well-Being: adopting healthful habits while avoiding destructive habits; maintaining a healthy quality of life that promotes accomplishing daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress. 
  • Financial Well-Being: developing prudent and responsible financial habits, effectively using tools to manage financial resources, and committing to monetary goals for future needs. 

CAMC provides resources for our team members in each of these areas, along with program-specific resources that exist within different departments or programs. View the information below, or contact the Graduate Medical Education office for information about program-specific resources. 

CAMC Resident Mental Health Support Systems 

Urgent/Emergency Needs:  

CAMC Emergency Departments - Residents experiencing urgent/emergency mental health needs that require immediate attention should be encouraged to use one of CAMC’s emergency rooms available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. 

Highland Hospital - Highland Hospital is available 24 hours a day/7days a week for urgent/emergency mental health needs that require immediate attention. (While an option for care, Highland Hospital is a private facility not affiliated with CAMC but can provide services in an emergency. Depending on insurance plan, coverage of services will vary). Highland is located at 300 56th Street SE, Charleston; or call (304) 926-1600. 

Urgent/Non-Emergency Needs: 

Psychiatrist On-Call (available 24/7) - Residents experiencing an urgent but non-emergency need may speak to a Psychiatry faculty member when they cannot wait for an appointment. Resident can call CAMC 304-388-1000 and ask for the Behavioral Medicine faculty member on call. A resident requiring ongoing treatment by a member of CAMC Behavioral Medicine Medical Staff may qualify for financial assistance through the CAMC Courtesy Discount policy (see GME staff for assistance). Additionally, residents may self-refer and contact Dr. John Linton at (304) 610-3988 (cell) or for a confidential discussion and/or assistance connecting to a mental health resource.  

CAMC Urgent Care - The Urgent Care facility is located in Cross Lanes and requires no appointment.  The facility is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week.  To reach Urgent Care, call (304) 388-7070.  

CAMC Family Resource Center (FRC) - Located on the Women and Children’s Hospital campus, the trained staff at the Family Resource Center provides assistance with parenting, relationships, loss/crisis, depression, anxiety as well as other issues. In addition to counseling services, the FRC offers parenting/childbirth classes, psychiatric evaluations/medical interventions, community offerings, and support groups. The FRC can be reached for appointments at (304) 388-2545.  

Ongoing Mental Health Needs: 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – The employee assistance program, Health Advocate, is offered through Unum and can be reached by phone at 1-800-854-1446 or through their website at The EAP program offers confidential guidance and resources for residents and their immediate household members including: unlimited and confidential online/phone support 24/7; and 3 free in-person sessions with a licensed professional counselor. Counselors can offer help with stress/anxiety/depression; relationship issues/divorce; job stress/work conflict; family/parenting problems; anger; and grief/loss. Work/life specialists can also assist with child/elder care, legal questions, identity theft and/or financial services.  

Blues on Call – Residents may use this 24/7 health care resource which connects residents to a registered nurse health coach prepared to help employees learn about available programs and resources available in our area to help address their mental health needs including stress management and depression.  Health coaches help residents find someone to talk to and help track their program through treatment.  Blues on Call 1-888-BLUE-428. 

Medical Plan Resources – For residents on the CAMC medical plan, they may be covered for both inpatient and outpatient mental health services at 80% if the medical professional is in the CAMC network or the Highmark Network.  If care is an emergency situation requiring an ER visit, the visit is covered at 80% with no deductible plus facility co-pay.  If admitted from the ER due to an emergency for inpatient mental health services, CAMC preferred network copayment, deductible and co-insurance will apply regardless of facility used.  

Additional Resources:

Education Counseling (test taking skills/time management/sleep hygiene) - Contact Dr. Elise Drake at or work through the GME Administrative Director, Jennifer Weiss at (304) 388-9946. 

Education Counseling (Crisis Intervention/Peer Support/Coaching/Teambuilding) – Contact Denise Burgess at (304) 388-9993 or by email at or work through the GME Administrative Director, Jennifer Weiss, at (304) 388-9946. 

Fatigue/Alertness Management – If too tired to drive home, residents can contact C&H Taxi at (304) 344-4902 for a free ride home.  A ride home and return to CAMC will be direct-billed to CAMC.  Vouchers available in all call rooms.  

WV Medical Professionals Health Program – (304) 933-1030 

YWCA Charleston Family Resolve Program/Domestic Violence – (304) 340-3549 

WV Foundation for Rape Information & Services – (800) 656 HOPE (4673) 

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence – (800) NCA-CALL (800-622-2255) 

National Domestic Violence Hotline – (800) 799-7233 

National Suicide Prevention Hotline – (800) 273-TALK (8255) 

All Residents are encouraged to seek assistance for any personal problem as quickly as possible through any of these outlined resources. No Resident will be denied appropriate counseling or support services because of financial concerns or lack of insurance coverage.  

If you have any questions about services available, please contact Jennifer Weiss, GME Administrative Director, at (304) 388-9946 for assistance. 

Charleston offers a wide variety of opportunities to get out with family and friends to enjoy the outdoors, the arts and entertainment or even sporting events. Charleston has been experiencing somewhat of a rebirth in recent years and residents are likely to continue to see new attractions pop up in our community. To learn more and find out what’s happening in Charleston, check out one of Charleston’s main websites listed below or follow specific attraction links.  

Learn more about living in Charleston and West Virginia

What’s happening in Charleston, WV? 

Charleston Events  

City of Charleston website  

Performing arts, visual arts and sciences – The Clay Center 

Minor league baseball  

Symphony, concerts and events  

Concerts, entertainment, sporting events – Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center 

WV culture and history  

What’s happening at CAMC? 

CAMC social activities are offered throughout the year and open to all employees for participation.  For more information on any of the following activities or others, employees should watch their emails for announcements or contact the CAMC Health and Wellness coordinator at (304) 388-7593 for further details. 

  • YMCA Corporate Cup
  • CAMC Foundation Gala 
  • CAMC Foundation Golf Tournament
  • CAMC Run 4 Your Life 
  • CAMC Celebration of Hope Walk
  • Bridge Jam 

CAMC Pastoral Care offers a holistic ministry for spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional needs, as well as ethical concerns.  CAMC chaplains assist staff, patients and families in utilizing spiritual resources to promote health and wellness.  Some pastoral care services include: staff support; patient/family visitation; crisis intervention; pastoral counseling; bereavement support and ethical consultations.  Each Sunday, an interfaith service is held at General at 10AM in the Medical Rehabilitation Dining Room.  A prayer room is on the first floor to the right of the security desk at General; on the second floor across from the surgery waiting room at Memorial; and on the first floor to the left of the main lobby at Women and Children’s Hospital.  To reach a chaplain, dial the hospital operator at “0” internally or dial 304-345-5432 when off site and you will be directed to the Chaplain on service.  

What are volunteer opportunities in our community? 

Volunteer West Virginia  

CAMC Foundation Hospitality House  

Ronald McDonald House (Women and Children’s) 

How can I find spiritual support in the Charleston area? 

Houses of Worship 

CAMC is known for “growing its own” and puts a lot of time and resources into the professional growth and development of its employees. Numerous opportunities to seek professional growth exist for those interested in furthering their skills and knowledge.  

Continuing Medical Education 
CAMC is committed to offering high quality evidence-based and research-based educational and professional improvement activities for physicians.  On the internal Continuing Medical education web page, residents can find a catalog of archived webinars offered previously.  Residents can also find and register for one of the many conferences or educational activities offered. 

Resident conference and research support             
CAMC offers all residents the opportunity to participate in a local, regional or national meeting/conference during their residency to support personal and professional growth in their field. A copy of the policy can be found in the House Staff Handbook. 

CAMC also manages discretionary funds available to help support the travel expenses for residents presenting at regional or national conferences on research conducted at CAMC.  Priority is given to papers accepted for oral presentation; however, consideration is given for poster presentations accepted through a competitive review process as well. For more information, residents can consult their program leadership for further details.  

CAMC University course offerings 
CAMC University is committed to providing learning and organizational development solutions for the purposes of building organizational talent.  On their internal website, residents can find a host of professional development courses, computer skills classes and a host of online courses as well. Residents can take advantage of an extensive library and check out books to learn more about accountability, management, effective communication and much more. Employees can visit the site on CAMnet. 

Life Support Training and Center for Innovation and Simulation Learning
CAMC’s Life Support Training and Center for Innovation and Simulation Learning offers free or low-cost training for all levels of CPR and AED training in addition to first aid programs and simulation experiences important to residents. Employees can learn more here.

Many physical well-being resources are offered through your employer! 

CAMC offers numerous programs to help employees achieve a sense of physical well-being. Opportunities offered through MyHealth such as fitness classes, weight management, tobacco cessation assistance, diabetes education, nutritional information and other resources can be found on CAMnet. 

Employee Discounts 
Explore CAMC employee discounted gym memberships, restaurants, services and products and other offers on the CAMC Pride Card on CAMnet. 

Comprehensive Employee Benefits 
CAMC employees are offered a comprehensive benefit package that provides flexibility and choice when it comes to health, finances and family.  CAMC offers medical plan options as well as benefit plans for vision, dental, life insurance, short and long term disability, and voluntary benefits for critical illness, cancer and whole life insurance.  CAMC plans offer many free and low cost preventative services to help employees monitor their overall health (see plan details for more information).  

CAMC employees can take advantage of many low-cost lab tests offered every weekday at CAMC Teays and CAMC LabWorks in Kanawha City.  Tests offered include, but are not limited to, complete blood count, iron, comprehensive metabolic panel, hemoglobin A1C, and lipid panel.  A complete list can be found on CAMnet at Additionally, CAMC employee health provides employment physicals and immunizations at no costs to the employee.  

There are plenty of ways to stay active and eat well in the Charleston area! 

Charleston Parks and Recreation  


Biking club  

Cooking classes  

CAMC Credit Union 
The CAMC Credit Union can provide employees with a wealth of useful financial information.  Find out more by first visiting their website at Their site currently has links to various financial advisors; provides access to informative financial calculators when considering mortgage, care or other loans; offers employee discounts on things like amusement park tickets; and offers competitive loans.  You can also reach the credit union by phone at (304) 388-5700 or via email at  

Retirement benefit questions
CAMC Health System offers a 401(k) plan that allows employees to save for their future.  Confidential consultations are available for scheduling at 800-642-7131 or by visiting their website

Hospital discounts
A host of area discounts are available for employees to use on the CAMC Pride Card.  Get your card in HR if you do not have one.  A list of current discounts offered is available on CAMnet. 

Residents may be able to receive a financial discount on some of their personal health care costs within the institution.  Residents can complete the Professional Courtesy Discount form and potentially receive assistance with some of their health care expenses.

EAP assistance
Residents can take advantage of confidential financial consultations and resources through the Employee Assistance Program offered by EmployeeConnect including unlimited phone access on legal, financial and work- life issues (child care, moving, pet care, vacation planning) and  financial consultants. Additional discounts are available through the EAP on network lawyers, estate and will preparations as well.  To learn more, contact EmployeeConnect at 1-888-628-4824 or visit their website at  (username:  LFGsupport; password: LFGSupport1).  

Employee Emergency Fund 
The CAMC Emergency Fund has provided over $1 million in aid to 1,610 employees since the program’s inception.  CAMC employees who experience a financial hardship during personal emergencies such as:  replacement of personal items due to theft, flood, fire or other disaster; dangerous living conditions; family bereavement or medical expenses, can contact the CAMC Foundation at (304) 388-9860 or by email at to discuss assistance.  

General financial management info worth sharing|The AMA routinely provides useful financial information to those with a career in medicine on their website including resources on physician insurance plans, paying for student/medical school loans and starting a medical career.  All can be found on the American Medical Association’s page at