Our Pediatric Residency Program is a community-based, academic medical center program nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, and serves a diverse population including many rural communities across southern West Virginia.  Many of our patients face significant health and socio-economic challenges, and we teach our residents the skills necessary for optimal impact on patients and families.  In addition to the focus on primary care and preparing residents for practice or fellowships, our program emphasizes cultivating your individual interests by providing training in advocacy, clinical research, and quality improvement.  Over the decades, our program has contributed greatly to the pediatric workforce locally and across the country.

Charleston Area Medical Center is one of the largest health systems in West Virginia and serves the entire southern area of the state with the following mission, "Striving to provide the best health care to every patient, every day."  Our pediatric residents value their training in the first free-standing children's hospital in the state under the supervision of a dedicated group of pediatric sub-specialists and generalists who provide comprehensive care to our patients.


Hear From Our Residents

Photo of Dr. Arefi

Each of us has a story. This story is woven together with the challenges and triumphs we have each experienced on our journey toward residency. Here at our program, we cherish these individual stories, and we work to bring these stories together to form a unified, collective story of compassion, respect, resilience, and love. We bloom together.

Rojin Arefi, MD   PGL 1 Resident
Photo of Dr. Wu

Here at the pediatrics team, we strive to make sure every team member feels the support and encouragement needed to leave each day feeling like they made a difference. Attendings become mentors, staff become friends, and co-residents become family. Every day you will be presented with opportunities to enhance your learning through patient interactions, independence and procedures. These opportunities and quality of our team members are the reasons you will leave this program as an accomplished physician with memories to last a lifetime.

Kristi Wu, DO   PGL 1 Resident